Sunday, February 21, 2010

fitness equipment mat: Taking Pilates - Focus Into Your Gym Workout

Spend all your time and money through the weekly Pilates teacher, right? If private, semi-private or group class mother. I like how you feel when you leave the study or class, is not it? Do you believe in work and see what he has done to his body, why not accept the principles of training with you on the floor of the gym the next time you're there? Who said that Pilates can be done only on a mat on the floor? What prevents you from using their power every time you sit down on a piece of equipment? What prevents you from "up and up" every time you use Lat pull-down menu or cable triceps press? Why can not I breathe through "ribs", by inhalation and merge into a ball or when you do a side-lift arm, anyway? Nothing prevents this, fitness equipment mat, .

Nothing but the mentality, fitness equipment mat, of the activities covered in one place and another in another.As Pilates instructor and personal trainer and fitness instructor, I see the tail and training to all its customers - whether they know or Pilates - men and women -- to use and practice their basic structure, power, ABS, before the movement of a piece of material, weight in weight, resistance groups, etc.Yes specific Pilates exercises are typical. Yes, the name "Pilates", if you are on the pad or any of the devices studied are different and memorable and, yes, the movement of the body through a series of fluid flowing, fitness equipment mat, in the resistance movements against position.

In stable Pilates, we call it a stable position of power defined as the imaginary box between the right and the left shoulder and right thigh points.It, this position is stable, with the inner base of the belly, all the exercises in the gym, but must also be obtained. In general, I believe that newcomers to the gym, and like many ex Hardheads "unique approach to team move to push or pull the weight, without any attention to the abdominal,, fitness equipment mat, stability, balance or even the use of breath to facilitate movement of the body or weights.

By based on classical principles Pilatescontrol - movement exercises, the muscles involved in the implementation and transition to the next exercise.concentration - attention, concentration and commitment to exercise, elimination of unnecessary details and discussions, then the maximum value is reached with each repetition and movement.centering - bringing attention to the main engines and space.precision body - Focus attention on the exact location, l ' body.breath alignment and movement - the use of breathing to facilitate and / or challenge the movement of the body.

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