Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to save your cell phone battery

Cell phones are universally used gadgets. The number of people using these tech gadgets are increasing by the day. But one problem all most all the users face is the battery back up their phone battery gives. It is very frustrating to the users when their phone dies on them when in the midst of an important conversation. One thing all the manufacturers are striving to provide their consumers is a good battery which provides good battery back-up. There is also news that mobile phone production companies  are working on the making of a phone battery which can regenerate. Until these kind of batteries hit the market here are some battery back- up techniques for you.

Disposable battery boosters

It is frustrating when your phone dies on you when you are talking to somebody important and do not have the access to a charger or car consisting of charging option. In such cases you can use a disposable battery which helps in bridging the power gap until you charge your phone battery completely. The disposable battery will give you the chance to make calls even while your mobile battery is being charged. When  all the juice in the disposable battery is drained you can dispose them off according to your state regulations. Phone Companies that have the facility to use disposable phone batteries are Blackberry and Motorola. All these phones need is a small port for USB for using these rechargers. These batteries vary depending on the cost and power storage capacity ranging from $10 and so on. You can buy them online or from a retailer.

Keep a spare battery

Some people use their phone extensively for calling and texting and doing so drains the battery very fast causing a unfinished conversation. To avoid such situations carry a spare fully charged battery with you. If aware, in advance that you will have a lengthy conversation and your battery will run low, make arrangements for a spare one fully charged. A spare fully charged battery will also come in handy in case of storms, power outage etc. In those times you will be able to make emergency calls.

Charge your phone from a laptop

All the latest laptops have a USB port with the help of which your mobile phone and laptop can be connected. However, you must take care that you do not overcharge the battery and let the two gadgets stay connected for a long time, because not all the mobile phones are made for this kind of charging.

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